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Who is Babo, leader of the Santa Cartel, involved in leaking intimate video?

The rapper would have initially posted the video on an adult content account.

Babo, lead singer of Cartel de Santa, was a trend on social networks after leaking an alternate version of the video for his song «Piensa en mí», with explicit content.

The band leader would have initially published it on his OnlyFans account, which is free for everyone to access and was leaked on Twitter, causing an impact on users of the social network.

Who is Baba?

Eduardo Dávalos De Luna, known as «Babo», is the leader and vocalist of the Mexican rap band Cartel de Santa.

The band was formed in 1995 in the city of Tijuana, Mexico and has released several studio albums throughout their career.

Babo is known for his unique rapping style and irreverent and controversial lyrics.

In 2007, the rapper was arrested after firing a bullet that he allegedly accidentally ricocheted off a friend, killing him.

Thus, after nine months of being imprisoned, Babo regained his freedom by paying a bond in the amount of 130,000 pesos with the support of his record company at the time, Sony Music, and released a new album, which contains his experiences. while in jail.

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