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Episode 34 of ‘The Show’: Jimmy Rollins talks about his candidacy for the Hall of Fame

The Baseball Hall of Fame ballot never falls short of controversy.

There are the names on the list, potential PED users, cheating scandals, which players voters go with and everything in between.

Former Phillies great Jimmy Rollins is on the ballot this year. He was this week’s guest on “The Show” with Joel Sherman and Jon Heyman. Rollins talks about his Hall of Fame candidacy and the current Phillies team.

The guys break down the voting process and debate whether Carlos Beltran should get in.https://playlist.megaphone.fm/?e=NYPH6901159470&light=true

“The Show” Podcast with Joel Sherman and Jon Heyman:

  • BASEBALL HALL OF FAME VOTE: Going through the process and voters releasing ballots early. The guys go through some of the names on the list and who should potentially get in next week. Jon points to Andruw Jones as a guy he likes to get into Cooperstown. Joel likes Carlos Beltran and feels what happened with the Astros came after his Hall of Fame accomplishments.
  • BELTRAN: The guys go back and forth debating Beltran and the 2017 Astros cheating scandal. Should that have an effect on making the Hall of Fame?

Jimmy Rollins Interview:
Former Phillies All-Star infielder, MLB on TBS analyst

  • HALL OF FAME CANDIDACY: Got a long ways to go. Honored to be on the ballot and hopefully can make it to another year on the ballot.
  • VOTING PROCESS: Evaluating how the voting process is, the numbers, steroid users, etc.
  • HIS GAME: Game mirrored his mentality on how to be successful. Most cherished accomplishment was winning the World Series.
  • OTHER PLAYERS ON BALLOT: Believes Gary Sheffield should be in the Hall of Fame. He was crucial in some of the success in his own career.
  • PED PLAYERS: Evaluating how he would vote for potential PED users.
  • PHILLIES CAREER: Looking back at his time with the Phillies and winning a World Series there. Evaluating how good the Phillies are now.
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